This write up will show how the fuel rail is removed and how to replace the Injector O-rings.

First and foremost safety must be taken. Gasoline is highly flammable and toxic. Proper Eye protection and ventilation is required.

Before the fuel rail can be taken off the fuel system needs to be depressurized.
One the front of the fuel rail is a schrader valve. Depressing this will release the pressure and also squirt out fuel. So a rag or small container should be used to catch the fuel.

Now the fuel lines can be taken off. Squeeze the clips and pull straight up on the fuel lines. Fuel may come out so keep a rag close.

Next take the bracket off the alternator.

Remove the vacuum line from the fuel regulator and the line off the brake booster port. It's the plastic tube on the back of the Intake Manifold.

Now disconnect the plugs from the Injectors. This is down by pressing in the wire clip and pulling the plug off.

Now the four nuts that hold the fuel down can be removed. These are 10mm nuts and there is two on the front and two on the back. A 6" extension will be needed.

All that is left is to wiggle the rail off. Pull firmly until the injectors pop out of the manifold or fuel rail. Fuel will still be in the rail so be careful spilling fuel.

To remove the injectors just pull until they pop out. If an o-ring gets stuck in a port just use a screw driver or pick to pull it out.
Any rubber part over time will degrade and get hard and brittle. When this happens to the O-rings on the fuel injectors it can cause fuel leakage or a vacuum leak. Also, if the injectors are ever changed, new O-rings will have to be used.

This is the O-ring kit that will be needed. This contains the top and bottom O-rings, and the hard plastic spacer.

First remove all the old rings from the injectors and clean the injectors up a bit.

Take the plastic spacer and slip it onto the injector.

Next take some motor oil and lube up the O-rings. Putting some oil in the cap of the bottle helps.

Take the lubed O-rings and roll them onto the injectors. The O-ring will pop into the groove.

Putting the New injectors in make sure it goes into the rail metal end out.

Slide the injector in with the lubed O-ring till it stops. Rotate so the plug is facing out.

Lube the O-rings and make sure all the injectors on the manifold ports. Now gently push down on the rail till all injectors are seated. Put the nuts on the studs and tighten the fuel rail down in an "X" pattern.

Reattach the electrical plugs. Then replace all the removed parts.

Make sure the fuel lines are connected before trying to start or fuel will spray everywhere.

Before starting.

Turn the key on and off three times listening to the fuel pump prime the system. Also check for fuel leaks around the fuel rail and injectors.

Start and check for leaks again.